A Solution for Every Client and Every Professional

Dual modality - advanced nano infusion and microchanneling device


Ergonomically designed

Ethically Sourced Growth Factors

Produced by biofermentation

Lifetime Warranty

Advanced Biopeptide Serum

Cell vitalization and collagen biosynthesis. Ethically sourced bioidentical growth factors for hair and skin.

Universal Hydra Moisturizer

Skin balancing hydrator suitable for all skin types.

Pigment Corrector Gel

Cellular renewal and pigment balancing formula that is hydroquinone free.

The Complete Rejuvenation System


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I love that I can work on hair and skin with NanoStamp. The results I’ve been seeing in my clients have been AMAZING! Hands down my favorite treatment to do.


Vicky L.


The device is very stable, to be honest it has the speed needed. It is great to hold. I love the triangle shape that works great under nose, eye even at the edge of the ear. Also, the option to have nano tips is a plus. I love the design and the charger station box. Neat!

Rosangela R.


Nanostamp was the missing piece in my service menu. I now have an effective  and easy way to help my clients with their thinning hair concerns. My clients have experienced new hair growth and have stronger healthier hair.  Best thing is there is no downtime. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help my clients gain their confidence and hair back. 

Victoria P.


The Nanostamp360 works wonders for collagen production, fine lines, and scars. Clients get excited to see visible results after short period of time. Being able to use a device that drastically improves the lives of your clients feels very rewarding.


Klaudia M.


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